The urge to achieve that great dream of executing a viable real estate project can be nagging and confusing if the necessary financial resources are not available. Many at times we let our aspirations fly past as pipe dreams since we lucidly know that construction activities require huge sums of capital to successfully execute.

As a prudent developer, one has to make the right decisions to ensure that they are in a position to finance the projects to completion and eventually either make a living through incomes generated from the completed construction project or enjoy the comfort of owning that dream prperty. To effectively achieve this the developer has to identify the most viable source of funding that fulfils the ultimate plan for their development.

Oak Africa offers a seamless co-development arrangement in which we connect individuals, partners and investors to financiers who inject the required funding into the real estate projects. Oak Africa scouts for viable potential projects and offers a link to which completion of projects is facilitated from the various sources of project financing.

We offer professional advice on onboarding the most unique and preferred financiers with options ranging from; commercial banks, private equity funds, bonds, pension funds and Investment clubs or groups. These financiers have different terms in which they wish to recover their funding.

Commercial banks advance their funds through imposing interest on the principal amount invested. Private Equity Funds on the other hand, invest by funding your construction be it real estate or residential development using unsecured funds. In return, they seek a reasonable stake in the development as a return to their investment.

Oak Africa represents a notable clientele base with an established network of real estate development participation across Africa and beyond. Our role is tofacilitate investment connections across Africa thereby creating a network of investors supported by reliable individual and institutional financiers.

Oak Africa is priviledged to enjoy vast experience and passion in the real estate market and provides valuable and strategic connections in projects that involve light, medium and heavy investment.

We are also happy to assist investors to come up with economically sensible projects that capture land proportions, location near unique landmarks and make valuations on the likely future demand.

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